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The Veteran Broadhead

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The First and ONLY Scalpel Sharp Broadhead with Dual Spring Variable Cutting Width Suspension for Superior Penetration

The Veteran eliminates the debate between a fixed blade or mechanical design. We have eliminated all problems associated with both of those two categories of design, yet have embraced all the benefits of both with a patented and lethal design. The Veteran sports a dual spring blade suspension system for minimizing deflection and enhancing straight line penetration through or past bone. The Veteran is the world’s first scalpel sharp compressible cutting width blade system!

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  • Titanium Tip, Aluminum Body
  • 100 grain
  • Compound and Crossbow Use
  • Surgical Steel .035″ Scalpel Sharp Blades
  • 1 1/4″ Up to 2 1/2″ Two bladed Cutting Width
  • World’s First Never Fail Mechanical Broadhead
  • 3 per pack


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