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The Combat Veteran Broadhead

$40.00 $50.00

SKU: 4577828470869-the-combat-veteran-3-per-pack


The Combat Veteran – A flawlessly performing 4 blade momentum management broadhead! With a tremendous cutting width of up to 2 by 1 1/4 inches and unmatched pass through performance! Each package comes with our VIP Practice Point to sight in and practice with! When ready to hunt, simply screw on the Combat Veteran and go hunt as it is identical in impact point with a field point! No broadhead tuning required! And keep that VIP Practice Point on an arrow in your quiver as it also is a fine small game head! All our broadheads are traditional, compound, crossbow and even 30 and 50 caliber air rifle compatible! Offered in both 100 and 125 Grain sizes!

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1 review for The Combat Veteran Broadhead

  1. mike

    Well, so far ive killed 4 deer and 1 black bear. Complete pass throughs on all 5 animals with absolute destruction on the inside. None went further than 25 yards……so…yeah
    ..they work well.

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